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MPower Storage | DIY Garage is a membership-based club that provides 24/7 secure access to shop equipment and DIY garage work areas as well as space to relax and socialize with like-minded enthusiasts.
Members enjoy use of work, play and pleasure portions of the facility with 24/7 secure access. "Work from home" in our office, park at MPower and Uber to the airport, watch the game or race with a beverage in our lounge.
  • Full building security system and cameras, 24/7 app access 
  • Schedule lift time and conference room via mobile app or web site
  • Lounge (TV/seating), Wi-Fi, computer bar
  • Office (conference table, chairs, monitor, printer)
  • Microwave, refrigerator, bottle water, Keurig/coffee, bathrooms
  • Electric outlets for battery tenders
  • Outdoor Trailer/RV storage
  • Located 4.5 minutes from CLT airport, Billy Graham Pkwy., Wilkinson Blvd. (74), easy access to I-77
MPower DIY Garage provides members with a variety of basic DIY garage equipment. Members use and can store their own personal tools/parts/equip within their parking space. Additional storage space is available below.
  • Full-rise 2-post lift
  • Motorcycle/ATV lift
  • 3-ton engine hoist
  • Transmission jack, jacks/stands
  • Engine support bar
  • 12-ton press
  • Strut/spring compressors
  • Vice, grinders, drills/bits
  • Parts washer and sink
  • Air compressor/tools
  • Oil/fluid drains
  • Bearing pullers/drivers
  • Tire mounting/balancing machines
  • More specialized tools/equipment added as commonly/often needed
MPower offers membership access to the facility with both storage and non-storage options. Membership fees are paid in full for the first year, then resume monthly for subsequent years. Storage fees are paid monthly.
Membership/Access with Vehicle Storage (contact for tour and current rate)
Includes 24/7 secure app access and use of all facility amenities above.
Members supply (and can store) personal tools/parts/equip within their parking space. Extra storage space available below.

Membership/Access without Vehicle Storage (contact for tour and current rate)
Includes all above for members without storage on site.
Vehicle Storage   
  • Warehouse Standard Vehicle Storage Space = $195 / month
    Center floor or window marked space, approximately 8 x 16 feet

  • Warehouse Premium Vehicle Storage Space = $295 / month
    Larger perimeter wall space with small tool/parts storage area, approximately 10 x 20 feet

  • Motorcycle or Extra Tools/Parts Storage = $75 / month
    Storage room, floor, palette rack, and corner spaces
  • Member Trailer/RV Storage = $85 / month ($110 non-member)
    Outside, rear of building, 40-ft. maximum length

  • Outside Vehicle Parking (4 minutes from the airport) = $85 / month or $3 / day
    Standard vehicle sized parking space. Free airport transportation as available.
Tool Storage
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